Wyze Error Code 90

Wyze Error Code 90 – Firmware Issue! (PROVEN FIX)

Wyze cams have more features than most of the other smart cams on the market, and only cost about a third of the price.

Unfortunately, they are known for some pretty frustrating errors. A common one is Wyze error code 90.

Wyze error code 90 – what it means and how to fix it

Wyze error code 90 means your cam is offline. To fix this first try power cycling the camera. Unplug it, wait 15 seconds, then plug the camera back in and allow it reinitialize. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably need to flash new firmware to the cam’s SD card.

Power cycle Wyze cam

Per Wyze’s support site, error code 90 is an internet connectivity issue that requires you to power cycle your cam.

Power cycling really just means completely powering off an electronic device. Typically this requires you to disconnect it from its power source.

Because this resets the device and is extremely quick to try, power cycling is usually the go-to first step when troubleshooting.

To power cycle your Wyze cam:

  1. Unplug camera from its power source. Either on the wall or camera side is fine.
  2. Allow 15 seconds to pass for the camera to completely discharge.
  3. Plug the camera back into the power source and allow it reinitialize. 

Check your internet connection

If power cycling your Wyze cam doesn’t do the trick, Wyze suggests taking a look at your internet connection next.

Make sure that your WiFi is working and that you’re connected to the internet.

Do a quick test and pull up Google on your phone with WiFi on and make sure you can search and use the web.

If you suspect something is off with your internet, I would just power cycle your router/modem.

To do this, unplug your router/modem for 60 full seconds and then plug it back in. Give your router several minutes to reestablish connection.

Once you see all green flashing lights on your router/modem, go ahead and try your Wyze cam again.

Hopefully you know longer see Wyze error code 90, but if you do there are several more proven fixes you should try.

Delete the camera and start over

For some users, deleting their camera from the Wyze app and then setting it up again helped to resolved error code 90 and their internet connectivity issues.

This only takes a few minutes and it’s definitely worth trying before flashing new firmware to your cam’s SD card.

To delete your camera, follow these exact steps:

  1. Open the Wyze app and click the gear icon in upper right-hand corner
  2. Then under Device Settings select Delete Device (at the bottom)
  3. Click Yes on the pop up window
  4. The cam LED should now be blinking yellow, indicating the device is no longer connected
  5. Next press and hold the reset button on the underside of your Wyze cam for 15-20 seconds or until you hear “Ready to connect”
  6. Now in the Wyze app select New Device > Wyze cam
  7. Enter your WiFI network name and password
  8. Scan the QR code that pops up on your phone with your Wyze cam
  9. Finally name your camera in the app and set up should be complete!

Flash new firmware to SD card

Basically every step we’ve taken up to this point was to see if we could fix error code 90 without having to flash new firmware to the cam’s SD card.

But, if you’ve made it this far down I’m guessing that the power cycling and deleting cam fixes above didn’t help you.

Every once in awhile Wyze comes out with new firmware for their cameras and too often that firmware has a bug in it that temporarily breaks your camera.

Wyze has even acknowledged this problem – they have a history of releasing firmware that isn’t quite ready for primetime.

Basically what we need to do in this case is reflash your Wyze cam’s SD card with an older firmware version. We’re using an older version because those earlier versions worked and this current one doesn’t!

Before we get started a quick note about your SD card. FAT32 has had issues in the past in drives over 32GB. If you have a large SD and you’re having trouble with the steps below you might want to try a smaller card, say 8GB.

To reflash your SD card, follow these exact steps:

  1. Reformat the SD card through the Wyze app (Node: the MicroSD *MUST BE* formatted as FAT or FAT32 before attempting to follow these instructions, if not formatted correctly, this will not/never work)
  2. Place SD card in your computer (SD card may need to be put in an adaptor first before it can be placed into your computer)
  3. Download an older Wyze cam firmware version (You can find all firmware versions here. Just find your exact product and then click on the version to download it)
  4. After the file downloads, you MUST re-name it to “demo.bin”
  5. Add the new demo.bin file to your SD card
  6. Make sure your Wyze cam is unplugged and then reinsert the SD card into the cam
  7. Plug your Wyze cam back in
  8. Now hold down the reset button on the cam (BE PATIENT, this could take several minutes of holding down the reset button)
  9. When you hear “Ready to connect” you can stop pressing the reset button
  10. The cam LED light should be blinking yellow
  11. Now in the app set up your camera again!

Submit a support ticket to Wyze

If you’re struggling to reflash your SD card yourself or just can’t get your Wyze cam to work properly, then you should reach-out directly to Wyze. 

To do this, you just need to submit a support ticket and someone from their team will get back to you shortly. 

Once someone has been assigned to your case, you should be able to get the help you need to resolve error code 90 and get your cam back online.


Wyze cams have a ton of great features and sell for a fraction of the cost of other smart cams.

Unfortunately these cams are known to have some frustrating errors. One such error is Wyze error code 90.

This error means your cam is offline.

To fix it, you can try the following:

  1. Power cycle your Wyze cam
  2. Power cycle your rotuer/modem
  3. Delete your Wyze cam from the app and start over
  4. Reflash your cam’s SD card with a different firmware version

If all else fails you can always submit a support ticket with Wyze directly.

Did any of these fixes work for you? Let me know in the comment section below!