A Message from the Owner

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Hello, and welcome to Good Home Automation! I’m Tom DeKoek, the owner of this site. Good Home Automation is where millions of people a year come for accurate, straight-to-the-point answers to all their tech-related questions.

I’ve spent over a decade in technology, consulting, and finance. Tech has always been something that came naturally to me. However, I too have suffered the headaches of troubleshooting when tech products fail. It’s usually not a fun task when something suddenly breaks and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Over time, I became quite good at researching my own troubleshooting needs and fixing my tech devices.

I’m here to help those of you who don’t enjoy the countless hours of research it takes to find one quick fix. Whether the TV doesn’t work during your favorite show or the internet goes out while you’re working from home, I’m confident that Good Home Automation can help you. My hope is that you will find the solution you’re looking for, and then be able to move on with your life!

Our Founder

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Our founder, Michael Xavier Donovan, started Good Home Automation in response to the low quality of tech troubleshooting content online. He noticed that the writing was usually poor, and the instructions were always confusing. It was as if the author had never actually solved the issue they were describing! Michael knew there was a better solution to all these tech issues. This is how Good Home Automation was formed.

He’s spent the past 10 years of his life working in technology, supporting some of the worlds most popular products. He knows how tech works, and what to troubleshoot when it doesn’t!

Our Mission

Good Home Automation’s mission is to help people solve their every-day technology troubleshooting challenges. We provide an extensive library of updated educational how-to troubleshoot articles and smart home guides to more than 7 million users each year.

Our goal is to help every day, non-technical people troubleshoot their broken devices and get them working again. We aim to be the accessible, trustworthy, and authoritative voice for people who use tech every day and expect it to work. When it doesn’t, they want to search for an answer, get it working, and move on with their day. This is what we help them do.

Editorial Guidelines

All of our content is professionally edited before publishing to ensure compliance with our strict standards. Our experienced editors check for readability, formatting, spelling and grammar, photo and screenshot quality, inclusive language and imagery, and more.

Our how-to guides and other supportive content are written and continually updated by tech experts. We follow strict style guides we’ve developed over the years to make sure every process, no matter how technical, is as easy as possible to follow.

We always aim to get straight to the point and use simple language.

If you ever come across an article you think needs to be improved, please email us at [email protected] and let us know.

What Our Readers Say

“This kudos goes to Mike for his article on the Roku Streaming stick. I found it to be exceptionally informative. I am a senior, and all these gadgets can be very confusing… to the point of spending money I can’t afford on equipment or devices I don’t need. So thank you, Mike. Job well done! Keep up the great work!”

-Tonya C.

“Hi Michael, yesterday after struggling for an hour, I was finally able to set up my Fire TV for the first time. Thanks to your article on How to Fix Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange. I just wanted to say thank you!”

-Tripti S.

“Pat yourself on the back, you have just helped a 70 year-old woman, who lives an hour and a half’s drive from the closest city, to fix her remote. Happy dance on this side!”

-Madeleen W.

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to the “Good Home Automation” team. Your easy to follow guide on setting up a Vizio television without the remote was SUPER helpful for me today. Sending a thank you from Houston, Tx! Happy holidays!

-Paisley H.

“You sir saved me today. Your troubleshooting Xbox power issues post was spot on and had me back up (it was the tap eject button fix) in under five minutes. Now if only I hadn’t spent 30 minutes searching and trying other things.”

-John K.

“Thank you so much for your help with my remote! I had already tried the Samsung website and followed their instructions without luck. But you nailed it! Thank you very much!”

-Angie M.

“I found your page today while researching my flickering TV issue.  I kinda rolled my eyes when I read your post about unplugging for 60s and holding the power button down for 30s.  But wow. I am super impressed.  It worked!  Thank you so much for taking the time to share this trick.”

-Brent W.

“Sound went out on our LG TV just a couple days before we are to throw a football watching party. I surfed the net for info to no avail until I saw your blog entry. #1 on the list worked like a charm. You saved the day!”

-Shannon H.

“I wanted to personally thank you for your article “Vizio TV No Sound”. Your suggestion worked like a charm. I am not a tech kind of guy and my visions of taking my Vizio TV apart did not make me too happy. I had forgotten the cardinal rule of tech – check the simple stuff first! And rule #2, when in doubt reboot!  Thanks again.”

-Ken E.

“Thank you for the information you have on your website. I was able to fix my TV. Even Samsung wasn’t able to help me, after multiple calls!”

-Maria H.