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  • Organic Google Visits: 967,000 annual visitors and 51,000,000 impressions in the past 12 months alone
  • Demographic: Tech enthusiasts, smart home owners, ages 25-54
  • Geographic Reach: Primarily in the United States, with expanding audiences in Canada, the UK, and Australia

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  • Banner Ads: Prominent placement across all main pages and blog posts, offering high visibility.
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  • Product Reviews: Comprehensive reviews of the latest tech and smart home products, providing an in-depth look that our tech-savvy readers value.
  • Video Sponsorships: Opportunity to feature your product in our video content, which includes tutorials and product reviews that engage viewers effectively.

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  • Engaged Audience: Our readers are deeply engaged with content geared towards improving their tech and smart home setups.
  • Expertise and Trust: Led by a tech industry veteran with over a decade of experience, our site is well-regarded for its authoritative content and advice.
  • Featured On: Our insights and articles have been featured on major platforms like Digital Trends, Reader’s Digest, and Distractify.

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