Hisense TV Won’t Turn On (Try This Fix FIRST!)

Hisense is renowned for its budget-friendly TV models and OLED TVs, which have better contrast and provide more realistic pictures than most brands.

But all TV models encounter hiccups, and it can be pretty frustrating if your Hisense refuses to turn on. What could be the problem, and how can you fix it? 

Hisense TV Won’t Turn On

If your Hisense TV won’t turn on, first ensure that the power cord is correctly seated in the back of your TV and then try a different wall outlet. If the TV still doesn’t turn on, unplug it from the wall, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in.

If you’ve already tried this method and failed, try these troubleshooting steps before taking your TV to a repair shop. 

Check If Your TV is Turned On

Maybe your Hisense TV is working fine, but the wall plug is defective. The TV will get little to no power supply, and so it won’t turn on.

Sometimes it may start and turn off without warning. It may also do this consecutively due to a loose connection on the outlet.

To find out for sure if the wall outlet is your culprit:

  1. Unplug your TV from the wall
  2. Check whether other devices are working fine, especially those that require a higher power supply
  3. Try plugging your TV into different power outlets
  4. Remove power surge protectors and extensions and plug a device that you’re sure is working directly into the wall
  5. Reconnect your Hisense TV directly to the wall
  6. Turn on the switch underneath the TV
  7. Check at the bottom of the TV to see whether the red power light is on

Change Your Power Cord

When the TV has a faulty power cord, it may get insufficient or no power supply. The red power light may turn on or fail, depending on the amount of current it receives. 

To check whether the power cord is faulty:

  1. Examine the cable to see whether wires are cut or uninsulated and short-circuiting
  2. Borrow a power cord from a friend or repairman and check if your Hisense TV will work
  3. Check whether the red power light turns on at all

If this step doesn’t work, then your problem may lie inside the TV firmware or motherboard.

Try Disconnecting Your Devices

Some Hisense TV models go on standby mode when there’s no input source.

If you’re using a set-top box, phone, or streaming box, your TV may go to standby mode if the device or wires are faulty. At times the TV sound may work properly, but there’s no picture.

Here’s how to solve this issue: 

  1. Switch the TV off and on to note whether it lights up momentarily before going dark
  2. Cycle through the TV input ports to see if others work
  3. Connect other devices using the same cable that is, your decoder, streaming box, or phone
  4. Change the cables you’re using, i.e., VGA, HDMI, or RCA

Reset Your TV 

Some changes that kids make on the TV without knowledge make it behave strangely. For example, if your TV blinks several times but doesn’t turn on, it may have configuration problems.

So, you have to remove all configuration files and reset the device to factory mode.

Do this:

  1. Remove all connected devices and the power cable from your TV
  2. Find the power button on your TV. Depending on your model, the button may be located at the back or the bottom of your TV
  3. Hold the power button for 30 seconds, and this will drain all power from the TV
  4. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes before turning your TV back on
  5. Switch on your TV and check if the problem is gone

Check Whether the Backlight is On

The most common hardware problem in Hisense TVs is the LED backlights failure.

Your TV will not show pictures, but the sound and red power lights work well. LED backlights can fail due to a short in the mainboard or power board circuitry.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn on a flashlight and point it on the TV at close range
  2. Observe to see whether there are visible images and words on display. If you can see letters or pictures, then your backlight circuit may be broken.
  3. To be sure, follow the process above to reset the brightness settings to default and see whether this works for you. 

If the LED backlights are broken, you can take the TV to a repair person for replacement.

Unplug all Network Devices 

Sometimes your Hisense smart TV’s power light will flash red or blue light 2 to 6 times, but the display doesn’t turn on.

This problem can result from a bad connection with your modem or router, a power deflection issue, or an issue with your TV’s motherboard.

  1. Try resetting your modem first
  2. Then unplug your device as you did in the first step to see if this resolves your issue 

Take the Back Cover Off

With a voltmeter, you can check whether an electric current is flowing in the TV.

Remember to ground yourself and remove your TV from the power supply before opening the back cover.

However, if you’re not familiar with TV circuitry, don’t remove the back cover as you may end up worsening the problem.

If you open your back cover:

  1. Check your main and power boards for short circuits. 
  2. Using your voltmeter, make sure that your mainboard receives power from the power board
  3. Check the LED connectors to see if they have any voltage
  4. If you have power flowing into the LEDs, then the LED arrays may be having a problem
  5. You need to get an expert or replacement

Common Hardware Problems

If none of the above solutions fix your problem, then you may have a hardware problem.

Here are common hardware problems that may require device replacement:

  • If your Hisense red power light flashes when you press the power button, then the power board is faulty, and it needs a replacement
  • If the power button remains red without blinking when you press it, then the problem lies in the mainboard
  • If you unplugged your TV while it was on, and now it can’t turn on, you probably blew the main fuse, and it needs a replacement
  • If your Hisense has a flickering screen, screen image that disappears after a few seconds, dim screen, or maybe it starts very slowly, it may need new capacitors on the circuit board

In this case, you can claim your warranty and get another Hisense TV or repair service from your dealer.

Buy a new TV

If you’re simply unable to get your Hisense TV to turn on again, it may be time to buy a new one.

In that case, here’s the best bang for your buck:

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While most hardware problems are related to capacitors and the power board, software problems are minor, and you can often fix them yourself!

Before taking your TV to the repair shop, try the troubleshooting steps above and find out if you can DIY.

If none work, you can consider taking it to a professional or buying a new one. Often times the cost to fix it doesn’t make financial sense, and you’d be better off getting a new one.

Were you able to get your Hisense TV to turn back on? If so, how? Leave me a comment down below!