is netflix party safe? (teleparty)

Is Teleparty Safe? (Formerly Called Netflix Party) YES, but…

Netflix Party (now called Teleparty) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ and even Amazon Prime shows and movies in perfect sync with friends from around the globe.

There is even a chat feature so you can discuss the show/movie with friends in real time, as you’re viewing. It’s basically a virtual living room for movie night with remote friends. But is it safe?

Is Netflix Party Safe (now called Teleparty)?

Yes, Netflix Party (Teleparty) is safe for all ages. A unique link is generated for each showing and you can only access the “party” if you have that exact link. It uses end-to-end encryption and they constantly delete chat history off their servers. It is worth mentioning Netflix has no affiliation.

Just like anything on the internet, it’s healthy to have some level of concern about safety and privacy.

But after taking a look at their Privacy Policy and reading through some of their data security practices, I do believe Netflix Party (Teleparty) is relatively safe to use.

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Ultimately, safety starts with the user.

If your kid is using this extension you should make sure you know who they are sharing the generated link with. That link is the only thing that grants someone access to their “party”.

Similarly, if your child is joining someone else’s party, you should know who that someone is that is providing them with the access link.

I don’t think there is any real risk of a stranger entering the party or chat. The risk is that your kid shares the link with a bunch of random people on Reddit or some other platform and a bunch of strangers join.

But that risk is no different than any-other risk on the internet today. Your child could just as easily join a random chat room on some other site and talk to strangers there.

So what I’m saying is just enact basic parental guidelines when/if your children use this extension. Make sure you know who generated the link and who will be joining.

That’s all.

And just a quick side note: this extension does not involve video or picture sharing at all. It is strictly chat.


Netflix Party (Teleparty) is currently used by over 10 million users. That’s a lot of people, and even more data!

Luckily Netflix Party (Teleparty) uses end-to-end encryption and they don’t store any of your account details or passwords to third party streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc.

They also completely delete the chat history off their servers as soon as everyone leaves a given party.

Neflix Party (Teleparty) also declared that they do no sell your data to third parties.

Netflix Party (teleparty) data privacy

Ultimately though, we have to just take their word for it. As mentioned above, Netflix has zero affiliation with this product, it was created by a guy who funds it using Patreon.

That’s why it’s 100% free, he uses the donations he collects to invest back into the project.

These days though I think I trust an individual more than any of the giant media companies…

How does it work?

To start you have to login to the streaming service that you’ll be using Netflix Party (Teleparty) with. Right now they support Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

And just so you know, everyone who joins the party will need their own UNQUE streaming account. For example if you have 3 friends who you want to start a party with to watch a Hulu show, each friend will need their own unique Hulu account in order to join.

After you’ve selected the streaming service, it’s time to find a show or movie to watch. Navigate the streaming service’s library like normal and when you land on the show you want, click on the TP icon at the top of your web-browser.

A popup will ask you to “Start the Party”. Once you do, a unique link will be generate that you can then share directly with your friends.

how does netflix party (teleparty) work

Keep in mind they will need to have the Netflix Party (Teleparty) extension downloaded in order to access the link!

That’s it! Netflix Party (Teleparty) should handle the rest, keeping your show perfectly in sync and allowing you to chat with your friends in real time as you watch.


Netflix Party (Teleparty) has been reported to fall out of sync occasionally. It sounds like at most, you might be 20 seconds behind, or ahead of your friends.

But sometimes there are more technical issues that arise when installing and using the extension. Luckily they’ve put together a pretty helpful FAQ page that you can reference if you get stuck.

And if that does’t help resolve your issues then I would consider emailing them. They can be reached directly at [email protected].


Netflix Party (Teleparty) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ and even Amazon Prime shows and movies in sync with your friends.

There is also a chat feature so you can talk with your friends during the show!

The extension is relatively safe to use:

  • It uses end-to-end encryption
  • They delete all chat history off their servers as soon as the last person leaves the party
  • There is no selling of your data to third parties
  • They don’t store your username or password to third party streaming services
  • Every party has a uniquely generated link that is required in order to join

But ultimately safety starts with the user.

As long as you know who your child is sharing the generated link to access the party with (or who shared the link with them), then you should be all set.

If you run into any issues when installing or using the product you can visit their FAQ guide or, as a last resort, you can try contacting them directly a [email protected]

What do you think? Is Netflix Party (Teleparty) pretty safe to use? Leave me a comment down below if you don’t think so. Be sure to include why!