Google Home “Something Went Wrong” (Easy Fix!)

It can be very annoying hearing the “Something Went Wrong” message over and over again when you’re trying to use your Google Home speaker.

Fortunately this should be very easy to fix.

Google Home Something Went Wrong – Fixed

The most common fix for the Google Home “Something Went Wrong” message is to factory reset the device. To do so, press and hold the small button underneath the device for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds you will hear a tone play that indicates your device is resetting at which point you can release the button.

However, if that doesn’t correct the issue, you’ll want to move on to some of the other possible quick fixes below.

These solutions have worked for many other users in the past and don’t take much time or effort to try.

Factory Reset the Google Home

Factory resetting your Google Home is the most likely fix when you’re experiencing the “Something went wrong” error.

Doing so deletes all of the data and settings on the device, setting it back to its default options from the day you bought it. You will lose everything, but the device is likely to work once again.

There is a small reset button on your device; you will need to hold it in for about 20 seconds. Once that amount of time passes, you’ll hear a tone play that lets you know the speaker is resetting. As soon as the sound is made, you can remove your finger from the reset button.

It doesn’t take too long to set your Google Home up again. However, it can still be annoying if you have a lot of custom options saved to your device.

Still, factory restarting is a much better option than paying for a new speaker!

Issues Resetting the Google Home

Some users reported issues even after factory resetting their device. For example the speaker was unresponsive after saying “Hey Google” or didn’t make any sound when attempting to factory reset.

If this is something similar to what you’re experiencing you can trying factory resetting your device using a work around.

To start, unplug the cord from your Google home, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in and wait until all 4 lights on top illuminate.

You need to repeat this 10 separate times!

Believe it or not this workaround comes directly from Google. What an annoying workaround but better than having to a buy a new one.

Reboot Google Home

Next, you’ll want to try restarting your Google Home.

Doing so forces the device to disconnect, then reconnect to the WiFi. Plus, if the speaker was malfunctioning, restarting it would possibly correct the issue.

You can easily restart Google Home by holding the microphone’s mute button for 15 seconds.

You can also try unplugging the power cord from the socket and allow the device to rest before plugging it back into the outlet.

Finally, have the option to reboot your Google Home speaker from within the app on your phone. Open the Google Home app, tap the name of your speaker, then enter the Settings menu. From there, you want to tap the “More” icon. You’ll have an option to reboot the device in that menu.

However, if restarting your Google Home speaker doesn’t make any noticeable improvements, you’ll want to check your WiFi.

Check Your Internet Connection

Any time one of your devices stops working, you should always make sure to check the internet connection.

You can test your internet speed by running some online tests and checking the bandwidth.

Additionally, if you use VPNs, you might be distorting the connection with your Google Home. You may need to disable the VPN on the device for it to run smoothly.

If nothing seems to be working properly, you can always restart the router and see how that impacts Google Home’s performance.

Sometimes, the device doesn’t connect properly connect to the WiFi, or the router malfunctions.

Simply unplug the router for five minutes, plug it back in, then give it time to start back up and reestablish connection with your Google Home.

Try Changing the Device Language

You may want to change the language in your device – it could be causing your Google Home to misunderstand you.

Of course, you want to leave it in your preferred language, but find options for other regions. For example, you should be able to find a few different instances of English in the Assistant settings.

If you’re an American using the English UK voice settings, your device might be confused by the difference in the accents.

To change your language settings open the Google Home app and click the favicon at the upper right hand side. Then select Assistant settings and scroll down to Languages.

Contact Customer Support

Finally, you may want to consider contacting Google customer support.

The company always has staff available to assist you and will be willing to help you with your device problems. Be sure you know what kind of Google Home you have, what’s going wrong with it, and when you bought it.

The staff member will want to know about the error message you received as well.

They should then give you troubleshooting options or ask you to send the device back to them for repairs.

While contacting customer support is never fun, Google is very responsive and makes the process go by quickly. You’re sure to find the results that you need.


Many Google Home users have run into the “Google Home Something Went Wrong” problem. It can be somewhat frustrating to deal with this error message since your device doesn’t actually tell you what the problem is.

To fix it, you can try the following troubleshooting options:

  • Factory reset the device
  • Reboot Google Home
  • Check your internet connection
  • Try changing the device language
  • Contact customer support for help

If none of these fixes seem to resolve the error message, you’ll want to see if you can use a warranty to replace your speaker.

Did any of these Google Home fixes work for you? Let us know in the comments what you did!